How to update your decor for spring with simple changes

Winter certainly feels like it’s hanging on with every icy finger, however, the calendar says spring! So let’s collectively freshen up our decor and maybe we can “will” spring to finally grace us with her warm beeezes and promise of spring flowers and greenery.

Here in Barrie, Ontario, we have to roll with the different seasons. We dress for the seasons so it stands to reason our interior spaces should do the same. In the winter months, I like to layer on the texture and warm things up with golds and deep rich brown tones. Think faux fur throws which are or so cozy. If I’m being honest, I keep it close by all year around but that’s what baskets are for, hiding our goodies!

in spring, I like to lighten things up and bring the outdoors in if possible. I love fresh cut flowers from my garden but it’s an easy add from the grocery store if you don’t have one. Even fresh cut branches with the beginnings of life can look beautiful in a simple glass vase.

Switching out cushions, throws, a few pieces of decor can drastically change to mood/season of a room without breaking the budget.

It may not feel like spring outside YET, but we can make our homes feel fresh till Mother Nature decides we are worthy of spring weather! 🌱