Home Staging in Barrie


In home consultation package includes a detailed list of recommendations. These recommendations will include paint recommendations, floor to ceiling, inside and outside, as well as suggested packing, furniture removal and furniture placements. Essentially, you will end up with enough information to successfully stage your own property with the items you have.

Full Staging

Typically full or partial staging is discussed during the consultation with the homeowner. While moving through the home making recommendations, New Leaf Decor will assess the need for a staging quote. Perhaps the client doesn't have enough decor, lighting, artwork, or the "right kind" of artwork for staging. Generally speaking, its best not to use artwork that has eyes, (human, animal, alien or otherwise) verbiage, (we all want to "live, love laugh" but we want potential buyers to remember the space and not what they read in your space.) or specific artwork. ( We all know Bobby Orr #4 is the best damn hockey player ever and should pay homage to his image, but impossible as it may seem, not every Canadian citizen is a hockey fan, this also falls into the "No eyes" rule) New Leaf Decor has a full inventory of decor, cushions, rugs, trees, florals, lamps, bedding, and artwork to stage effectively and for your target market.

Vacant Staging

Vacant homes sell 80% faster when they are staged with furniture and decor. New Leaf Decor has established relationships with furniture rental companies who rent furniture on a monthly basis. Take advantage of  New Leaf Decor's discount for furniture rentals. Rental furniture combined with Accessories provided by New Leaf Decor makes for beautiful pictures. We all know that todays buyers are pre-screening properties on the internet. Eliminating the ones that don't show well in photos. Grab their attention at the initial stage and make sure your home is on their list of potential purchases.