Grown up Sophistication

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I recently helped a lovely couple in Newmarket decorate their living room. They had been living with furniture that was purchased in the 80's that saw their now teenaged daughters through potty training, unwashable markers, glue stick and the sneaky-sticky-penaut butter jelly fingers.

My clients were ready to start fresh and create the grown up, sophisticated, comfy living room space that they would feel proud to have friends visit. The style had to be on trend but not too trendy. Something that could carry them through for years to come.

I recommended spending as much as they could afford on the sofa and chairs in order to get good quality and fabric that was durable. I selected a nice, neutral, lighter toned linen that would stand the test of time in terms of style and quality. The chairs were in similar tones with a neutral pattern. My clients opted for a muted colour palette vs. loud statement accent pieces/colours, so I found the perfect piece of art at Homesense which dictated the rest of the decor. It wouldn't be difficult to switch things up should they decide they want more colour or a different colour. Thats the beauty and ease of selecting neutral furniture and wall colours. Simply switching the artwork and cushions will give the room an entirely different look.

My clients love spending time and entertaining in this room. They even allow their teenage daughters to enjoy the room! Now....if they could just keep the dog from sleeping on the sofa!